Our Staff

Kristy Beverage

Owner, Massage Therapist

Kristy Beverage grew up on North Haven. She has been a massage therapist practicing in Rockland since 2004. A 1998 Bowdoin College graduate, she spent four years living in Japan where she developed a deep love of snowboarding and mountain biking. She jumped in head first (sometimes literally) to these activities, causing a few major (and many minor) injuries. Recovering from these injuries led to Kristy’s initiation into non-surgical methods of healing – primarily massage therapy, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture. Her experience was nothing short of miraculous. Within two years of returning home to Maine, Kristy attended the Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro. Since graduating in 2004, her pursuit of continuing education has been constant.

Kristy originally opened Synergy Massage & Bodywork with her former business partner in 2008. On January 1, 2016 Kristy became the sole proprietor of Synergy. She viewed this as an opportunity to restructure and turn Synergy into a learning center for herself and her staff. Kristy strongly believes in the power of working as a team for the good of the clients – both with her staff and within the community. Employment at Synergy now includes monthly (if not more!) mandatory scheduled staff trainings. They pool information, create lesson plans and pinpoint objectives, present information and practice on each other. Synergy’s constant collaboration with local physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and healthcare providers also directly reflects Kristy’s dedication to this model. Kristy is grateful for the support that Synergy receives from her amazing family (including her first baby, black lab Echo), hard-working & dedicated staff, loyal clients and the amazing mid-coast community.


“My massage felt so healing. You seem to know exactly what needs work, even when I don’t. I really appreciate your kind and caring ways. Thank you so much!”  -MED

“Kristy Beverage is the best health care provider I have had the pleasure to meet. Her treatment planning and massage allow me to have an active lifestyle at 65 yo. She is intuitive, thoughtful, wise, and a wonderful referral resource.”  -AZ

Erika Manning

Massage Therapist

Erika Manning grew up in the small, picturesque town of Camden and then left as soon as she could to pursue many varied interests including training Morgan horses, working in art galleries as a professional picture framer and Art School.

After a bicycle accident left her in excruciating back pain over 20 years ago, Erika began her exploration of the healing arts. She turned to therapeutic yoga to help ease the constant pain. This led to the study of massage therapy, yoga therapy and several forms of energy therapies in her quest for health.

Following many travels, Erika returned to the beautiful state of Maine where she has practiced massage therapy since 1999. Erika’s career includes years of teaching weekly yoga classes, providing mentorship and being a faculty member of both the Yoga Teacher Training Program and Massage Therapy Program at Namaste Institute. In all her healing work, Erika strives to educate and empower her clients on how to create and maintain optimal health, reduce stress and to live their lives in the most balanced, inspired and vital way possible.

Erika is deeply influenced by the beautiful weblike fascial structure that makes us up as human beings and is passionate about helping her clients create balance – not only on the physical level but on the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels as well. Erika is excited to further her education in 2017 by delving into lymphatic work and taking an intense certification for Complete Decongestive Therapy.

In her free time Erika enjoys creating several very different bodies of art (usually simultaneously), hiking, reading books she doesn’t have to think much about, mountain biking and taking long naps.


“Best message ever and zeroed right in on the troubled areas!”  -KS

“Fabulous. Liked combination of reiki and massage. Thank you!”  -JA

Leila Percy

Massage Therapist, Certified Kinesio Tape® Practitioner

Leila Percy graduated from the Downeast School of Massage in 2004. Since then, Leila worked full time at a local bakery. While she loved working with her hands, she found being around pastries all day long to be hard! Thus Leila’s fitness journey began, and she explored the possibilities of the human body outside of the classroom.

Exploring different kinds of exercise led Leila to the Rock Coast Rollers as a founding member. In addition to loving being around a group of strong, fun women playing a fast-paced sport, she finds it a great way to connect with the community through the team’s volunteer work in the community.

In the fall of 2013, she found her way to Synergy where she combines her interest in the human body, love of movement and strength, and thirst for knowledge to understand the body more and to help clients heal themselves. She strives to create a safe, trusting space where she can customize client’s sessions to meet their needs. Leila completed David Lauterstein’s Deep Massage Method Levels 1, 2, and 3. Additionally, she completed Lauterstein’s Heel & Sole-Heal & Soul: Anatomy & Deep Massage for the Feet. She also attended Ken DiPersio’s Advanced Concepts for Treating the Head, Neck, & Shoulders. Most recently, Leila took the 24 hour class with USA Pro-Sports Michael McGillicuddy to receive her Kinesio Tape® Certification, which she just received after successfully passing her exam. She is amazed at the difference it has made for clients and teammates already.


“Unobtrusive, skilled, perfect pressure and considerate.  Great experience.” -MEK

“Fantastic back work and very much liked it was at the end. Thanks for great focus on my legs after me telling you we had been hiking. Too bad we’re not local or I’d be back.”  -CS

Ginnie Fanelli

Massage Therapist

Ginnie Fanelli graduated from Boston University 36 years ago and has spent the majority of her 36 year nursing career as a registered obstetrical nurse. Along with the knowledge and experience that her health-care career imparts to a new path in massage therapy, Ginnie also brings the human connection she had with her patients to her massage practice. She has always been passionate about providing hands-on therapeutic care while utilizing and constantly adding to her knowledge of the human body. Ginnie is deeply grateful to have been able to pursue these passions both in nursing and in massage therapy.

A 2015 graduate of the The Downeast School of Massage, Ginnie was trained to help clients unwind their interconnected muscles for balance and pain reduction. She tailors her massage, ranging from gentle to deep pressure, and strives to help soothe the mind as well as the body. Ginnie loves working with pregnant women (naturally) and loves to provide “first time” massage to those who have not yet experienced how magical massage can be.

Ginnie recently discovered her passion for Oncology Massage.  She has completed advanced coursework in oncology massage with Tracy Walton, including a mentorship program, to deepen her skills.  Ginnie loves to offer this specialized work to people with cancer because she has seen how it can help them in their struggle with pain, fatigue and anxiety. Ginnie is excited to provide knowledgeable and compassionate massage to clients in all stages of their cancer journey for support, symptom relief and nourishment.


“Ginnie gives the best massage. Wow.”  -GS

“Ginnie was a superlative massage therapist who asked specifically what I needed and proceeded, over an hour, to hit every request. I am more relaxed now than I have been in over a month. Thank you.” -JB

Kristine Rytky

Office Manager

Kristine grew up in the Winslow area and has always had a passion for health, wellness, and self care. She prioritizes being outside, whether it is connecting with nature in her garden, out on the lake (fishing!), or on the mountain with her snowboard. Kristine’s strong family ties to the Midcoast area brought her home seven years ago.

Working in the service industry for 14 years, Kristine has gained impeccable customer service skills. Her warm personality helps set the tone here at Synergy. As our Office Manager, Kristine assists clients with our menu of services, matching them with the massage therapist that might best suit their needs. Her exceptional organization keeps Synergy running smoothly both in the front and the back of the house. She is mindful of returning clients’ preferences and consistently provides unparalleled customer service.

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Syn-er-gy: The increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together. (Merriam-Webster.com)