Recent Feedback

“[Ginnie] was a superlative massage therapist who asked specifically what I needed and proceeded, over an hour, to hit every request. I am more relaxed now than I have been in over a month. Thank you.” – August 2016

“Fabulous. Liked combination of reiki and massage. Thank you!” – regarding Erika – August 2016

“Was very happy to get a walk-in appt. Very kind and attentive from office person. Massage with Leila was excellent.” – August 2016

“Massage was excellent. One of the best massages that I have ever received.” – regarding Darcel – August 2016

“Amazing experience. Erika has healing hands. Thank you.” – August 2016

“Excellent massage with [Leila], one of the best I have ever had.” – August 2016

“Ginnie is one of the two best massage therapists that I’ve ever had. She knew just what to do for my sore back. [Marvelous!]” – July 2016

“Thank you so much! You were very thoughtful and kind.” – regarding Leila – July 2016

“Erika was amazing and hot stones were the icing on the cake!” – January 2016

“The exfoliation left me feeling so soft, I was impressed by the selection of shower products! The massage was so relaxing I started to fall asleep 3/4 times during the hour! This was just what I needed and I will be recommending services to others as well as coming back for more! Thank you again.” – July 2016

“[Darcel] gave one of the best massages I have had in a long time! She had a great balance between a relaxing touch and deep kneading where needed. A great addition to the group!” – July 2016

“That was exactly what I needed, perfect intensity and totally relaxing. Thank you!” – regarding Leila – July 2016

“I left with HOPE for a healthy solution to my problem …… and felt so much more relaxed and in less pain. Thank you! When my husband and I next visit Rockland ( about once a year) , I’ll return for a full body massage!” – regarding Ginnie – June 2016

“That was the most lovely massage I have ever had! Thank you so much Erika!” – June 2016

“Kristy Beverage is the best health care provider I have had the pleasure to meet. Her treatment planning and massage allow me to have an active lifestyle at 65 yo. She is intuitive, thoughtful, wise, and a wonderful referral resource.” – May 2016

“I always feel so much better when I leave then when I walked in…..always look forward to my massage with [Kristy.]” – May 2016

“Seriously one of the best massages I’ve ever had!” – regarding Ginnie – May 2016

“Erika is working miracles on my shoulder which is recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I would recommend Erika to anyone.” – January 2016

“It’s amazing how much computer neck and shoulder damage Kristy can un-do. She’s the best!!!” – January 2016


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